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The Elk Country Visitor Center is a premier elk viewing location and is home to the largest wild elk herd in the northeastern United States. The Elk Country Visitor Center is designed specifically to help you experience these majestic animals year round and to learn more about elk, other wildlife and this amazing ecosystem. The Center is managed and operated by the Keystone Elk Country Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife conservation organization whose mission is “To conserve and enhance Pennsylvania’s elk country for future generations“…No state funding goes into the operation of the Center.

Elk are truly awesome creatures, and are an unforgettable sight for visitors to this special region of Pennsylvania. This world-class, eco-friendly visitor center offers panoramic views, interactive exhibits, a 4-D immersive story theater, a fabulous gift shop, and a hands-on Discovery Room for younger visitors. Outside, you can explore well-tended wildlife trails, elk observation areas, and viewing walls.

Viewing Elk: Elk are wild animals, and we can’t promise you will see them during your visit–but we can offer some tips to improve your chances! The fields surrounding the center are planted with alfalfa, timothy, clover, and winter wheat to attract the elk. The best times to view are early in the morning, just after day light, and in the hours before dark. Elk do not like the heat, and they will bed down in the shade where it is coolest during the day.  Be sure to bring a camera and binoculars for better viewing!

We’ve created this website to provide a virtual glimpse of this exceptional facility. In it, you will find descriptions of the Visitor Center, interesting facts about elk and other wildlife attractions found here, and resources to help you plan your visit to Pennsylvania’s unique Elk Country.

Please keep in mind that we do not allow pets or smoking in the Elk Country Visitor Center or on the Center’s grounds.
Thank you!

Elk Country Visitor Center

950 Winslow Hill Road, Benezette, PA 15821


January-March: Sat. & Sun. 8am-4pm

April-May: Thurs. through Mon. 8am-4pm

June-August: 7 days a week 8am-8pm

September- October: 8am-dusk

November- December: Thurs. through Mon. 8am-dusk


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