Elk Viewing Tips

Up the Odds of Seeing Elk.

Seeing elk firsthand is undoubtedly the highlight of any visit to Pennsylvania Elk Country.

Here are a few pointers designed to make your Elk Country visit more enjoyable and rewarding.

** Pets and elk don't mix, so please leave your pets at home... for their safety and yours.

Fall. During mating season, bull elk can often be seen at the forest edge preparing to battle other males for the right to mate.

Winter. In colder months, elk typically seek warmth and shelter among the trees. The evergreen forests provide good cover, and deciduous trees provide cold-weather nourishment for these animals.

Spring and Summer. As the weather warms and food becomes more plentiful, elk move to the meadows to feed on the bounty of planted grasses.

Dawn and dusk are the best times to observe elk, especially during the rut, or mating season in September and October.

Please also remember that elk are wild creatures and their behavior may be unpredictable. Never approach an elk, and always view these animals from a safe distance.

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