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So Much To See, Do, Experience, Learn...There’s always something interesting going on in Elk Country, outdoors and inside our Visitor Center. We stay busy informing, educating and even entertaining our guests all year long. Click here for a listing of the latest programs and events at the Elk Country Visitor Center.



September 2016 Weekend Programs at the

Elk Country Visitor Center



Saturday, August 27th    


1:00pm – “Venomous Snakes”


Do you really know the truth about these reptiles with such a bad reputation? Chances are, some of what you think you know, isn’t really true. Learn how they survive in their habitat and why the poor reputation of timber rattlesnakes is so unfounded. They are amazing creatures with many special adaptations and the more you understand them, whether you like them or not; the more you will see how valuable they are to our ecosystem.


Sunday, August 28th     


1:00pm – “All About Elk”


Come and learn about Pennsylvania's elk herd. Learn fascinating facts about their antlers, history, family, and their behavior throughout the year.


Saturday, September 3rd

1:00pm- “Awesome Adaptations”

Enjoy an interactive presentation, highlighting some of the adaptations animals use to survive around the world. Also, play a fun “hidden animal” game demonstrating how animals camouflage themselves.  


Sunday, September 4th        

1:00pm- “Pennsylvania’s Fisher”

Learn about this unique and elusive animal's history and original range in PA, why it became extinct in our region. Also, gain insight on how it was successfully reintroduced and is once again flourishing in the state.


Saturday, September 10th     

1:00pm- “All About Elk

Come and learn about Pennsylvania's elk herd. Learn fascinating facts about their antlers, history, family, and their behavior throughout the year.


Sunday, September 11th

1:00pm- “Fox of PA”

Enjoy a presentation on the two fox species in Pennsylvania, the Red Fox and its cousin the Gray Fox. This program will explain similarities and differences including appearance, dietary preferences, general behaviors, and the overall life cycle of these animals.


Saturday, September 17th

1:00pm- “All About Antlers”

Everyone is thrilled to when they see huge bull elk with their gian antlers. During this popular program learn many amazing facts about these spectacular weapons of defense. Handle many sets of huge antlers as you participate in an informative follow-up question-answer session.


Sunday, September 18th

1:00pm- “Snakes of Pennsylvania”

Enjoy an informative slideshow and talk on the variety of snake species in Pennsylvania. Don’t be surprised if there is a live snake "visitor" for people to actually touch if they wish.


Saturday, September 24th 

1:00pm- “Welcome to the Rut”

The rut is nearly upon us. Join us as we discuss the behavior of the elk durning their breeding season, appropriate and safe elk- watching etiquette, as well as some additonal exciting seasonal happenings here in Elk Country.


Sunday, September 25th  

1:00pm- “Game Species of PA”

Learn about the several different game species that inhabit the state of Pennslyvania. You will learn when the season for these species are, and why hunting is a very important aspect of a healthy ecosystem.

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4D Story Theater Shows (approximately 22 minutes)
Admission: $3.00 | Under 5 years: Free
Theater runs on the hour and half hour.

Searching for an exciting new way to see elk? Horse drawn wagon/sleigh rides will take place at the center on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. Elk are often seen on the back side of the property where only these tours go.

To ensure your space on the wagon/sleigh, call the day prior at 814-787-5167 to reserve a spot!

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