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There’s always something interesting going on in Elk Country, outdoors and inside our Visitor Center. We stay busy informing, educating and even entertaining our guests all year long. Click here for a listing of the latest programs and events at the Elk Country Visitor Center.



April 2015 Weekend Programs at the Elk Country Visitor Center

April 25th “Elk Among Us”: Learn about the elk of Pennsylvania! Discover some of the seasonal behaviors of the bulls, cows, and calves. Hear some interesting facts about the history of elk in the Keystone State as you handle antlers, pelts, and bones! Program is at 1:00 p.m. in the Discovery Room.

April 26th: “Time for Turkeys”: Spring Gobbler season is almost here! Come and learn about the wild bird that Benjamin Franklin wanted to be our national symbol. Following an informational slideshow, the children in the audience can enjoy some wild turkey coloring pages as they pet a beautiful taxidermy mount of a Pennsylvania wild turkey. Program is at 1:00 p.m. in the Discovery Room.

May 2015 Weekend Programs at the Elk Country Visitor Center

May 2rd “All about Elk”: This interactive talk will cover such interesting topics as the evolution of the modern elk sub-species, other North American deer families, and fascinating facts about elk antlers. Also, learn about elk calves, the ruminant system of the elk, and the season of the rut.

May 3rd “Pennsylvania’s Beautiful Trout”: Join us for an informative presentation on the various species of trout found in our mountain streams and lakes. Learn all about the Rainbow Trout, the Brown Trout and, of course, our State Fish, the Brook Trout.

May 9th "Over in the Forest Come Take a Peek": Follow the tracks of ten woodland animals but... uh out for the skunk! Children learn the ways of the forest animals to the rhythm of "Over in the Meadow", as they leap like a squirrel, dunk like a raccoon, and pounce like a fox. They will also count the babies and search for ten hidden forest animals. The children will be able to feel pelts from many of the animals in the story.

May 10th “Pennsylvania Wildcat”: This awe inspiring animal has intrigued many local populations; from Native American’s to early settlers, and even the people of today. Learn all about the natural history of the Bobcat and Pennsylvania’s management practices.

May 16th What do Elk Eat”: Most of you probably know that elk eat grass, but did you know that they can eat up to 22 pounds of grass in just one day! During the winter months fresh grass can be hard to find. What do the elk eat then? Join as we find out the answer to this question and discuss the really unique digestive system that elk have.

May 17th “Vernal Pools”: Learn how these temporary wetlands provide habitat for many species, such as frogs and salamanders, and how these mini-ecosystems also benefit other vertebrate and invertebrate life forms. Join us as we investigate the wonder that is the “Vernal Pool”.

May 23rd “Turtles of Pennsylvania”: Join us as we learn about the different species of turtles that inhabit Pennsylvania and Elk Country. This exciting program will have a live exhibit to help us learn more about these slow moving reptiles.

May 24th ” All About the Little Ones”: Tis’ the season! The Elk calves will soon arrive! Learn all about the natural history of these wonderful animals and what is being done to ensure a healthy population for generations to come.

May 30th “Wildlife Sign Trail Walk and Talk”: Join us as we hike the short trails around the Visitor Center in search of wildlife sign. Whether you are a hiker, a hunter, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, you will often find some sort of sign that wildlife inhabits the area. Learn simple ways to recognize these signs and become more aware of your surroundings.

May 31st “Turkey Talk”: Just in time for Spring Gobbler, join us as the Pennsylvania Game Commission presents an interactive lecture about the Wild Turkey. Learn about their seasonal behaviors and take a close look at their scat and feathers. Come and see if you can find a flock strutting their stuff on the property!



The Elk Country Visitor Center is operated by the Keystone Elk Country Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organization. We are located at 134 Homestead Drive, Benezette, PA. Please use Winslow Hill Road in your navigation system. For more information call 814-787-5167


**Please, no Pets on the trails or on the Center grounds.
Please leave them at home for their safety and the safety
of our wildlife.**

4D Story Theater Shows (approximately 22 minutes)
Admission: $3.00 | Under 5 years: Free
Theater runs on the hour and half hour.

Searching for an exciting new way to see elk? Horse drawn wagon/sleigh rides will take place at the center on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. Elk are often seen on the back side of the property where only these tours go.

To ensure your space on the wagon/sleigh, call the day prior at 814-787-5167 to reserve a spot!

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