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There’s always something interesting going on in Elk Country, outdoors and inside our Visitor Center. We stay busy informing, educating and even entertaining our guests all year long. Click here for a listing of the latest programs and events at the Elk Country Visitor Center.

August 2015 Weekend Programs at the Elk Country Visitor Center


Saturday, August 1st 

          1:00pm “The Pennsylvania Bobcat”

Bobcats have made a comeback in our state.  Learn about conservation and management of this powerful wild feline. 


Sunday, August 2nd 

          1:00pm “The Truth Behind the Rattle” 

Timber Rattlesnakes often get a bad reputation because of their venom. Learn about these gentle creatures and simple ways to avoid a confrontation. Safely view one up close and appreciate these fascinating creatures.


Saturday, August 8th 

          1:00pm “Big Trees”

What makes a tree ‘big’?  Whether you are trying to place value on a tree, or trying to score it against others trees, you need to have a consistent way to measure trees.  Come learn some methods used to measure and score trees for comparison and value and why this is important, especially if you own big trees.


Sunday, August 9th 

          1:00pm “Wildlife Sign and Trail Walk”

Join us as we hike the short trails around the Visitor Center in search of wildlife sign. Whether you are a hiker, a hunter, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, you will often find some sort of sign that wildlife inhabits the area. Learn simple ways to recognize these signs and become more familiar with the animals around you



Saturday, August 15th – ELK EXPO

          9:00am-10:00am “Elk Antlers: The Royal Topping”

KECA staff will teach you everything you would ever want to know about elk antlers! Experience a tactile adventure as you handle many different sets of antlers and learn fascinating facts about them. For example, did you know that antlers are one of the world’s fastest growing tissues? Afterward practice scoring a set of antlers!

11:00am-12:00pm “Forage Plot Management”

Join KECA staff for this special seminar describing how forage plots around the Visitor Center are maintained. Learn about the types of forages that are most beneficial for not only elk but all wildlife. After the informative session, take a piece of Elk Country with you by planting your very own biodegradable forage planter.

          4:00pm-5:00pm “Painted Rocks”

Bring out your creative side and join the KECA staff as we paint rocks! The staff will be judging the rocks and awarding prizes for the most original and the cutest. After the contest take the rocks home with you as a great souvenir from the 2015 Elk Expo.

          5:00pm-6:00pm “Paracord Survival”

Join the KECA staff to learn the many ways that paracord can be used in a survival situation. Stay after the demonstration and make your own paracord bracelet! 


Sunday, August 16th – ELK EXPO 

9:00am-10:00am “Hands-on Children’s Activities” 

During this session the KECA staff will have various educational hands-on activities for children.  These programs will cover topics such as Safety in Elk Country, Comparing and Contrasting North American Deer Families, as well as learning about ecosystems and food chains.  Before you leave make sure you test your knowledge about the PA elk herd by participating in the board game, Harem Hunt.

11:00am-12:00pm “Bluebird Seminar”

Join staff from the ECVC as we partner with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to provide a very informative seminar on the Eastern Bluebird. During this program learn interesting facts about the bluebird, such as its preferred habitat, reasons they are declining, and what you can o to help! After the seminar stay and constrict a "make and take" bluebird box, generously donated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

2:30pm-3:30pm “Family Fun with Science Experiments”

Bring your family out for a fun-filled afternoon of science experiments. We will be doing several different hands-on science experiments demonstrating many wonders of the Earth.

4:00pm-5:00pm “Elk Among Us”

Learn about the elk of Pennsylvania! KECA staff will help you discover some of the seasonal behaviors of the bulls, cows, and calves.  Hear some interesting facts about the history of elk in the Keystone State.

Set Up for the Duration of the Expo

Feet are Neat

This station will be set up throughout the weekend. Make sure to stop by and learn some interesting facts about a few of the animals found in the Pennsylvania Wilds. When you read about their preferred habitat you will get a better idea of where you may find some of their tracks! There will be a “Track Making Station” set up where you can see what they would look like if you came across one in the wild.

“Elk Trap Unit”

The PA Game Commission will have their new single animal trap unit.  Elk Biologist, Jeremy Banfield has successfully used the trap to capture elk throughout the winter.  The trap will be conveniently located near the Elk Country Visitor Center so you can get an up close look at it.
“KECA Youth Shooting Sports”
Join volunteers of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance for an opportunity to learn about our hunting heritage and youth shooting sports program. Hands on training of both pellet gun and archery shooting will be available.

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**Please, no Pets on the trails or on the Center grounds.
Please leave them at home for their safety and the safety
of our wildlife.**

4D Story Theater Shows (approximately 22 minutes)
Admission: $3.00 | Under 5 years: Free
Theater runs on the hour and half hour.

Searching for an exciting new way to see elk? Horse drawn wagon/sleigh rides will take place at the center on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. Elk are often seen on the back side of the property where only these tours go.

To ensure your space on the wagon/sleigh, call the day prior at 814-787-5167 to reserve a spot!

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